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Travellers palm, Lipistic palm, Adansonia digitata combo pack. These three plants are rare. They are most attractive plants in all over the world.

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It is a combo pack of three most attractive rare palm seeds. They are …. Travellers Palm, Red Lipistic Palm and Adansonia digitata. To know the seeds quantity plz click on Aditional information.

Travellers Palm is known as Banana Palm as its leaves look like banana tree. The palm is originated from Madagascar. It is one of the most attractive palms. We can understand its demand by its presence in every park and garden.

Red Lipistick Palm is very rare in India. It is one of the costliest  palms. This palm is commonly known as Wax Palm. This palm is a natural habitat of Thailand, Indonesia, and Sumatra.

Adansonia Digitata is commonly known as African baobab. In India it is known as Kalpabriksha. In India it is regarded as most holy plant by Hindu religious people.

All seeds are fresh and free from any pest and fungus. We dried the seeds in natural room tempreture and not in direct sunlight. We deliver the seeds ensuring quality.

Combo Pack

Travellers Palm 51 seeds
Lipistick Palm 101 seeds
Adansonia 51 seeds

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