Licuala Grandis


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Botanical Name:  Licuala Grandis

Viability: 12 months

Germination Percentage:  75 to 80%

Harvesting Time:  May to June

Licuala Grandis is commonly known as ruffled fan palm. Licuala is the most attractive ornamental plant. It is one of the internationally reputed palms because of its leaves. It has a huge demand in foreign countries. It bears round green fruit that redden as they ripen, each containing a single seed.

Seeds are brown  in colour. Seeds are dried in shade and not in direct sunlight. Seeds are free from pest and fungus.

Germination Procedure:

  • Soak the seeds in water for atleast 36 hours.
  • Then place the seeds on bed, made of either soil or sand. Sand is the best medium.
  • Cover the seeds with same medium.
  • Water on it frequently to get it moist.
  • Usually it takes 45 to 65 days to germinate.

50 seeds, 100 seeds, 500 seeds, 1000 seeds

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